FrostByte Video Automated Video Production Solutions

ReelFrostByte Video is the creator of the World's First Automated Video Production system for both entertainment and surveillance. Our unique, patent-pending technology allows us to simultaneously record video from multiple video sources and track an unlimited number of people or things. We then automatically create custom videos of each tracked object by pulling the pertinent video footage from each camera and stitching that together into one cohesive video to retrace the movements of the object.

Our corporate focus is in three specific areas: Action Sports, Recreational Activities and Fleet Tracking. For more information on our specific solutions and services for each area please follow the links at the right.

News & Events

November 10, 2011 FrostByte Video Launches New Wireless Camera Solution...

FrostByte Video, Inc. launches new wireless and cordless camera solution to simplify installation and lower cost making it the simplest on-mountain video solution..

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Our Solutions & Services


Ski & Golf Resorts... Action Sports

The world's first Automated Video Production system, offered as a concession to your resort. Help your guests Share and Relive their experiences.

Theme Parks... Recreational Activities

Our One-of-a-Kind solution allows guests to easily get a customized video postcard of their day at your park.

Fleet Tracking Solutions... Telemetry Services

Standard fleet vehicle monitoring only includes video from in-car cameras,providing limited points-of-view. See how we provide external video feeds to show you what is happening on the road around your vehicle and driver.