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Capturing Memories,

Capturing Revenue


FrostByte Video offers its technology solution as a concession to the ski resort, therefore there is no upfront cost to your resort.

How It Works

For a daily fee, a skier/rider signs up to be FrostByte enabled, picks up their FrostByte armband, and then hits the slopes. Returning to the FrostByte Video office at the end of the day, they receive instructions to access their online account that contains video of them enjoying the mountain.

Trail Map with Cameras By installing cameras throughout a ski resort, video footage is captured from each camera throughout the day. Then, utilizing our proprietary, patent pending technology to locate and track each FrostByte enabled skier, a video is assembled using only the portions of the various camera videos that contain that skier. The length of each customer's video will vary depending on how much time they spend skiing on FrostByte covered runs. But whether short or long, each one will be a personal video of them skiing or riding down runs or through terrain features in front of our cameras.

The FrostByte Video server contains all the necessary hardware and software to record, store and produce the videos.






Who Is It For

We believe that there are four (4) target demographics for the the FrostByte Video service:

  • Terrain park fanatics
  • Families with children
  • Ski school participants
  • 13-30 year old males
  • While these groups may make up the bulk of your customers for the FrostByte service, others will certainly use the service, as well, making FrostByte Video an offering that will appeal to the full range of your customer base and fulfilling the need of having something to offer for everyone.

    Where Does It Go

    Terrain parks, your signature runs, and the trails that your ski school typically uses- essentially anywhere that our target audience is going to be skiing or boarding for the day. Enable as many runs as you like, the FrostByte Video system can handle a large number of cameras to provide the coverage that you want and your customers will demand. FrostByte Video can be installed on average runs, expert runs, terrain parks, tube parks, and beginner areas. Kids love to see themselves skiing with their friends, parents cherish forever the view of their child's first snow experience, and terrain park junkies even enjoy watching their best wipeouts.


    Usage and Technology Overview

    1From the customer's point of view, their is little to no impact on their day. Watch the video to see how they purchase the service, get their armband and retrieve their video.

    Customer Daily Experience


    2Our system installs on your mountain with very little impact. Watch this short video to understand how tour technology works.

    How It Works



    Sample Videos

    3This sample video is from a Slopestyle event and depicts how our system works for terrain parks.

    Watch Sample

    4Here is a sample of what our Video Postcard solution looks like, notice how we combine in stock footage of your resort to give the consumer a full narrative of their day on the slopes.

    Watch Sample