Cozway Fleet Services The Next Generation Video Solution for Fleet Telemetry Services

Today's fleet solutions focus on two main areas:

  1. Data only services that track vehicle and driver statistics
  2. Video services that combine telemetry with in-car cameras to provide dash cam views of the action

The FrostByte Video Cozway solution augments either or both of these services with a new capability not seen before in dynamic vehicle tracking: Third-Person Perspective video feeds to display what is happening outside the tracked vehicle. Our solution leverages our proprietary technology to track a vehicles movements and locate that vehicle in the recorded streams from hundreds or even thousands of highway, red-light and private traffic camera feeds and then extracts the pertinent clips and automatically compiles them into a single, useful video that replays the movement of that vehicle, fully visualizing the external factors that impacted the tracked driver's and vehicle's behavior.


Features and Benefits

1Provides External, Third Person Perspective Video

The Cozway solution shows you what happened on the road, outside your vehicle on ALL sides. Our system can even show what was going on on the road in the feet and miles leading up to a triggered event or incident, information which can be used to explain a tracked driver's seemingly erratic behavior.


2Automatically Extracts Video from Multiple Video Sources

Our unique, patent-pending software solution is able to track a vehicle's movements and knows which camera feeds will have video of that particular vehicle. We then extract the video from these feeds for that vehicle, based on event trigger information, along with camera feeds leading up the event itself - We provide a bigger picture!


3Automatically Extracts Video from Multiple Video Sources

Standard fleet vehicle monitoring only includes video from in-car cameras, providing limited points-of-view. See how we provide external video feeds to show you what is happening on the road around your vehicle and driver.